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Contact Information

429 Cooper St.
Camden, NJ 08102

Department Chair:
John Wall
Tel: (856) 745-6532

Sharon Smith
Tel: (856) 225-6080
Fax: (856) 225-6602
429 Cooper St., Room 109

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The study of philosophy and religion offers a vital contribution to humanistic education. Both fields deal with various ways in which human beings have tried to understand and give expression to the nature and meaning of reality, knowledge, the self, values, and the purposes of human life. Our department is a lively learning community that fosters critical and creative thinking in courses, symposia, student interaction, and close work with renowned faculty.

Students gain a heightened ability to think critically and develop well-reasoned arguments. They learn how develop meaningful questions, read and interpret complex texts, and write and communicate clearly and effectively. They also form their own meaningful beliefs and values and conduct independent research.

Philosophy and Religion courses offer students opportunities to study a wide range of topics drawing from the diverse resources and interests of our Faculty Members. Check out our upcoming Course Offerings to find classes that appeal to you. We also support six degree programs, including Majors in both Philosophy and in Religion, Minors in both Philosophy and in Religion, a Minor in ethics, and a Combined Minor in Philosophy and Religion.

Wondering what you would do with a Major or Minor in Philosophy or Religion? We have compiled an extensive series of resources to provide students (and their parents) with answers to just those questions. Many students worry about the usefulness of these degree programs in today’s economic climate, but graduates from programs in Philosophy and Religion have received increasingly positive media attention reflecting on a growing body of evidence that points to the many practical applications of these degrees in a wide range of fields from business, law, and medicine to engineering, computer science, and journalism. Review the evidence for yourself by checking out our Why Study Philosophy? and Why Study Religion? resources for students.

Our department also aims to help students find ways to plug into the broader environment of Philosophy and Religion research and activities by hosting On-Campus Events, and by supporting the lively student Philosophy Society. We are also very fortunate to reside in a geographic region rich with off-campus opportunities for involvement and strive to keep students informed of those opportunities as well. Nearby university and college events can be found on our Off-Campus Events section under the News & Events page.

We hope to encourage students to become active participants in opportunities to present and publish their ideas and work at student conferences and in student journals. We also encourage students to consider deepening their exposure to programs through intensive summer fellowships hosted at colleges and universities throughout the U.S. See the Conferences, Journals, and Fellowships page to find information about these exciting opportunities.