How do I declare or change my major?

Major and Minor Requirements Worksheet – revised 8.17

Academic Advisor for Philosophy and Religion: Jennifer Thiel, or 856-225-6043

Note: Requirements for the Philosophy Major changed significantly in Fall 2014. Students who declare a Philosophy Major during or after Fall 2014 will have to complete the new requirements described below. Students who declared a Philosophy Major before Fall 2014 may choose to either use the previous or current requirements.

Philosophy Major (730) – 30 Credits

  • All three of the following (9 Credits): Symbolic Logic (730:201), History of Philosophy I (730:211), and History of Philosophy II (730:212)
  • One course in ethical, political, or social theory from among the following (3 Credits): Contemporary Moral Issues (730:105), Ethics (730:226), Philosophy of Sex, Gender, and Sexuality (730:247), Ethics of War and Conflict (730:330), Political Philosophy (730:342), Social Philosophy (730:343), or Religion and Democracy (730:350)
  • One course in metaphysics and epistemology from among the following (3 Credits): Mind, Knowledge, and Reality (730:220), Nature of Mind (221), Self and Identity (730:222), Philosophy of Science (730:334), Philosophy of Mind (730:335), Metaphysics (730:336), or Theory of Knowledge (730:337)
  • One course in Religion (3 Credits)
  • Four additional courses in Philosophy, two of which must be at the 300-level or above (12 Credits)

Religion Major (840) – 30 Credits

  • At least one of the following (3 Credits): Introduction to Religious Studies (840:101), Introduction to World Religions (840:103), Jews, Christians, and Muslims (840:111), Eastern Religions (840:112)
  • One course in Philosophy (3 Credits)
  • Six courses in Religion (18 Credits)
  • Two additional Religion or Philosophy courses, or courses related to religion from another department (6 Credits)

Any student may petition the department to substitute other courses for those on these lists.

Majors are encouraged to have a competence in a foreign language equivalent to that obtained through the intermediate level of study. Majors also are urged to develop, in consultation with the adviser, a strong minor program, or even a second major.

Dual Credit

Students who are completing both a Philosophy major and a Religion major, or a major plus a minor, may count two courses toward the requirements of both programs.

Registering for Closed Classes

In the event that a student with a major or minor in Philosophy or Religion wishes to register for a class that is already closed, the department will provide upon request, whenever possible, special permission numbers for registration.