The Department of Philosophy and Religion houses the following degrees:

  MA: Master of Arts in Liberal Studies (MALS) is a cross-disciplinary and chiefly online graduate program offering a broad range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and the arts. (Undergraduates can earn up to 9 credits of advanced standing toward the MALS degree by applying to the Dual Degree Program).

•  BA: Major in Philosophy acquaints students with the significant philosophical concepts in Western thought and provides training in the major currents of contemporary philosophical investigation. Stress is placed on philosophy as an activity, combining a knowledge of important philosophical issues with the bases for developing an analytical judgment that is both critical and productive. See Why Study Philosophy.

•  BA: Major in Religion provides students the critical thinking skills to examine the incredible diversity and pervasiveness of religious life, religious experience, and religious thought throughout human history and today. Students learn to employ a variety of literary, historical, philosophical, theological, phenomenological, and social-scientific methods of religious study. See Why Study Religion.

BA: Minor in Philosophy, Religion, Philosophy and Religion, or Ethics allows non-majors to develop sustained courses of study in an area of interest to them, possibly complementing their major elsewhere.

Please note: The information on this website and/or given at the approval of the department chair supersedes all major and minor requirements for the Department of Philosophy and Religion as listed in Degree Navigator.