Current Information

Did you participate in any of the following as a philosophy or religion major?

Are you currently working for pay?

Program Usefulness

To what extent do you feel majoring in philosophy or religion has helped you to...

Obtain your current job?
Be successful in your current job?
Advance in your career?
Be successful in your personal life?

Academic Plans

Tell us your plans for further education or what you have already accomplished after earning your degree, and mark the appropriate response below. Please respond to each item.

Another bachelor's degree
Professional certification in your field
Master's degree
Technical or specialist degree
Doctoral degree

Rating the Program

Use the scale below to indicate how you felt about each of the following aspects of the philosophy or religion major. Any comments you care to make would be appreciated.

The variety of courses offered?
The availability of courses offered?
The overall quality of instruction?
Your preparation for entering the job market?
Your preparation for further academic study?
The advising you received from the Department?

Rating Skills

Below is a list of skills/abilities/attitudes one might expect to develop as a philosophy or religion major.

Indicate your opinion of:
a) the importance of the skill/ability/attitude in an individual’s efforts to be successful in today’s world; and
b) the extent to which majoring in philosophy or religion aided or advanced your attainment of each skill/ability/attitude.

Being committed to lifelong learning
Acquiring extensive knowledge in an area of study
Achieving competence for and in a profession
Being prepared for advanced study
Using effective verbal communication skills
Using effective listening skills
Using effective written communication skills
Using effective leadership skills
Working cooperatively in groups
Accessing a variety of information sources
Thinking critically
Analyzing various types of data
Drawing conclusions from various types of data
Solving problems effectively
Understanding professional ethics
Appreciating cultural and ethnic differences between people