Introduction to Logic, Reasoning, and Persuasion
Course runs:  12/23 – 1/14
Professor Rooney

Development of skills in reasoning. Consideration of what an argument is, how arguments go wrong, and what makes an argument valid. Application of techniques for clarifying meaning, evaluating, and constructing arguments. Enrollment not open to students who have taken 50:730:201.

Introduction to Philosophy
Course runs:  12/23 – 1/14
Professor Sacks

An exploration of central philosophical problems, such as truth, justice, mind, and person, with a view to surveying the field and locating particular philosophical specialties within it such as logic, ethics, and metaphysics.
Fulfills the Gen ED requirements: LQR

Biomedical Ethics
Course runs:  12/23 – 1/14
Professor Yates

Exploration of moral issues in medicine and medical research. Course will typically focus on issues raised by the creation and termination of life and include topics such as abortion, stem cell research, cloning, prenatal screening for disability, right to medical care, human experimentation, genetic enhancement and eugenics, animal experimentation, the diagnosis of death, and euthanasia.