Introduction to the Bible
runs:  6/26 – 7/20
online asynchronous
Professor Wall
Gen Ed:  HAC (Heritages and Civilizations)

Historical and literary exploration of portions of the Tanach (Old Testament) and New Testament that have had the most lasting influence on Western culture. Focus on the meaning of key terms like covenant and evil, biblical authorship, and different ways the text may be interpreted today.

Introduction to Religious Studies
runs:  5/30 – 6/22
online asynchronous
Professor Karapanagiotis
Gen Ed:  GCM (Global Communities)

This course introduces students to major academic methods for the study of religion and theories about religious belief and practice. It draws on diverse materials from the world’s religions and multiple disciplinary approaches. Topics may include belief systems, morality, sacred literature, myth, ritual, history, gender, ethnicity, and debates about the roles of religion in contemporary life.